About This Blog

Welcome to Primal Running, which will follow my journey to live a primal lifestyle in the modern world.   The blog combines two of my passions: primal living and running.  Primal running will cover topics including primal nutrition, running (race/gear reviews), training, family life and other happenings.

My name is Dom, and I'm a law student (future lawyer), athlete (basketball, baseball and soccer), wannabe golfer,  uncle of three (with more to come in the future); beginner cyclist; and runner.  For the past few years I have been reading up about the Paleo/Primal lifestyle.  For a while I was tentative to make the jump to a primal lifestyle.  As a twenty-something year old law student, the idea of living a primal lifestyle didn't seem too realistic.  I was also a "Chronic Cardioer" and ran a marathon and half-marathons.  I saw Carbs (pasta, oatmeal, bread, pizza) as my fuel.  But thanks to Mark Sisson, Loren Cordain and others, I am ready to make the jump to a primal lifestyle.  Follow my trials and tribulations to live a more primal lifestyle.

Hopefully this blog will share information with others trying to life a more primal lifestyle in the modern world.  I will share recipes and nutrition tips.  I will also share a variety of information related to running/training.

Feedback is appreciated.  Thanks for visiting!