Friday, March 18, 2011

Simple Primal Meal - Scrambled Eggs with Veggies

One of the hardest things about eating a primal/paleo diet is thinking of meal ideas.  I am going to continue posting what I think are very simple paleo meals that can be cook in less than 10 minutes.  There really are a ton of options out there.  Here is a very basic breakfast or lunch option:

  • Mix 3 eggs in bowl
  • Add spinach, bacon, peppers, tomatoes and any other meats/veggies of your choosing
  • Throw on a frying pan and scramble.
Easy as that.  You have a hardy and healthy primal breakfast in no time.


  1. This is very similar to the breakfast that I've been eating every single morning for a long time now, very quick to make and incredibly nutritious.

    I used to record all my food intake on computer software once and this meal usually contained a large portion of my total micronutrients.

  2. Its a breakfast regular for me too Kris. I've been meaning to try baking the egg mixture in muffin tins. I was thinking I could make a weeks worth of egg muffins on Sundays to save time in the mornings.