Monday, March 21, 2011

Simple Primal Meal: Steak Stir-Fry

Another simple go to primal/paleo favorite of mine is steak stir-fry.  Here is the recipe:

  • Heat olive oil on frying pan on medium heat
  • Add your favorite steak (I use sirloin tips) to pan and cook for a couple minutes
  • Add your favorite veggies to pan (or you can use a bag of mixed veggies which makes it easier)
  • Season with your favorite spices or sauces (I usually just use salt and pepper and maybe some soy sauce)
You can sub in different meats and veggies if your like.  Here is a good post by Mark Sisson on stir-fry ideas.  I usually make a few servings for leftover lunches during the week.  Here is a pic:



  1. Looks good! Your pictures are great!

  2. Hi - I have a blog for "losers" (to lose weight) and one of our members was asking for suggestions on whole grain breads & pastas?

  3. Primal/Paleo diets suggest eliminating all grains (wheat, rice, corn, bread, cereal, pasta, oats, etc). Mark Sisson explains why grains are unhealthy here:

    It is extra work, but you can try substituting pasta with "spaghetti squash" You can also try making your own bread with almond meal or coconut flour.

  4. Here is another good link too: