Monday, March 7, 2011

Nike Element Men's Running Shirt/Jacket

This past winner I purchased the Nike Element Men's Running Shirt.  I purchased the shirt directly from Nike for $75.00, as I was looking for a reflective shirt/jacket to wear during the winter.  Overall I am very happy with the purchase.  It is a great top for winter running and is very stylish.

First, although Nike calls it a shirt, I think of it as more of a jacket.  The jacket is made of Dri-Fit fabric and polyester.  It provides pretty decent warmth.  I've worn the jacket in 20 degree temperature with a long-sleeved t-shirt underneath and it kept me warm enough.  I've also worn it in 55 degree temperatures with a t-shirt underneath and it minimized sweating.

The jacket doesn't have any pockets or pouches which is the only negative. It does feature hand warmers integrated into the sleeves which are a nice touch.  The fit is also great.  The jacket is semi-fitted so it fits tighter than your normal jacket.  The reflective logo and stripes also creates great visibility for those late night runs.

Overall, you will not be disappointed with this jacket.  It is a perfect Fall/Winter/Spring jacket in moderate temperatures that provides great visibility while still being stylish.  Just be aware that the jacket is fitted so for those bigger runners out there you might want to size up.

Overall grade: A - (with the addition of a pocket/pouch I would give it an A)

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