Monday, March 7, 2011

Nike Thermal Running Gloves

Another purchase I made this winter were the Nike Thermal Running Gloves for $20 from my local Nike Store.  These gloves were phenomenal for the first 2 months I had them.  They insulated my hands very well and are made with reflective graphics to enhance visibility.  They fit perfectly and are very stylish.  The gloves also contained a small key pocket for storage.  They breathe well but also did a good job holding in body heat.  I have worn them in freezing cold weather to moderate weather.  Another big plus is the fit.  They are not bulky at all and I am easily able to tie my shoes, change my ipod, etc. with the gloves on.

These are definitely one of the best pairs of running gloves I have owned.  However, after 2 months of wear, the seams on both gloves started to unravel.  I now have large holes in both gloves and they are unwearable.

Overall grade: C (due to durability issues)

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